About Us

Zhejiang Dongyang Hongli Arts & Crafts Co., Ltd. was founded in 1997 and is located in Guozhai Industrial Zone, Huxi Town, Dongyang City. It has an area of 28,000 square meters, more than 80 million yuan in fixed assets and more than 100 employees.

The company has two branches, one is PP injection workshop, the new food-grade dust-free workshop, there are more than 40 high-speed injection molding machines, producing various types of PP injection cups, in-mold labeling, cutlery spoons, packing boxes, etc...


Factory Display If you have customized requirements, we will provide you with perfect service.

Contact Us

Site: Guozhai Industrial Zone, Dongyang Jiangzhen, Dongyang City, Jinhua City, Zhejiang Province

Mobile phone: 139-0679-3519

E-mail: dyhl009@163.com

QQ: 2381854408

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